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Tell me what you cherish most

Give me the pleasure of taking it away...

☆ Aikathiree
1 October 1980

Give life a hand and it'll give you wings

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People have a habbit to add the word crazy when talking about me.

Maybe they're right - but I am trying to have a little bit of fun while I am walking on this planet earth learning to live my life. But truthfully I am a deep person that likes to question things and solve the problems. I care and listen, but I never miss a good chance to goof around and do the bungee jump. What I value most is life itself. We don't choose to be born. But we choose to live our lives and we only live once. I love everything that is beautiful, and I am not talking about looks here. Beauty all around us, stars, nature, oceans things that people so rarely treasure nor care about these days, beauty that should be protected and kept safe for our future generations.

I am a heart sworn Final Fantasy fan and I play alot of other RPG's aswell - But when it comes to FF I am nearly obsessed. Gawd I cried like a baby when Sephiroth killed Aeris :P

Fucking everything is love. Stop it already.

Just say NO to idiots.

Dra vneahtc dryd fa mucd yht dra tnaysc dryd vytat...Hajan vunkad dras :)

I have a wide variety of friends and to me it doesn't matter are those friends I know in real life or online alone. I am very thankful that I have met you people and have been given the opportunity to get to know you and grown to love you. I don't think I need to start naming my best friends, you all know who you are and I love you guys lots :) I plan to travel around when I get the chance and also meet those people that till now have only been names and words on the screen.

I am trilingual, finnish and swedish would be my two native languages and that makes english my third language. You'll just have to bear with my bad grammar :D

I also have two whacked up cats. I often call them my boys :) I love these two to pieces and do my best to give them the great cat's life they both deserve.

I am a Libra.
(Also known as "Scales")
My Horroscope starts like this:
" You have to be a real loser to be born a Libra. Libras are born with two left hands, both of which grow out of their ass. They are tone-deaf and generally have poor eyesight. The senses of self-esteem and humor are in embryotic states at best. " (Read more | Find yours)

Even thought I am a social butterfly I also have moments when I want to be left alone. Sometimes I even wish I could just leave everything in my current life behind and leave far away to a place where'd be eternal sunset to gaze upon. I wouldn't mind having a special someone with me for the matter but sometimes silence is great company to have aswell.

Fanlistings I belong to:

Once I had a dream
And this is it

Once there was a child`s dream
One night the clock struck twelve
The window open wide
Once there was a child`s heart
The age I learned to fly
And took a step outside

Fly to a dream
Far across the sea
All the burdens gone
Open the chest once more
Dark chest of wonders
Seen through the eyes
Of the one with pure heart
Once so long ago

~Nightwish / Dark Chest of Wonders

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